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Solace Muay Thai (SMT) was created through many life experiences and friendships made along this journey we call life. Having had the urge from young to delve into some sort of martial arts training, Spiro was firstly exposed to the art of Muay Thai at the age of 15.


After finding a passion for it up until his late teens, he had to let it go to pursue a career in AFL. Finally after retiring from the sport in his mid 20s, he found the art of Muay Thai once more, or it found him. From there Spiro achieved another one of his lifetime goals in learning the art and competing. After learning from many knowledgable trainers over time here in Australia and abroad and teaching both Muay Thai and Kickboxing, he realised that giving back these skills and helping all types of individuals was what gave him true happiness in the long and short term.


Muay Thai gives you many skills and tools to deal with both your internal and external challenges in life, teaching you to be resilient, courageous in many forms, self development, building strength both physically and mentally, stress relief, all round cardio fitness and just plain old fun!!


Coming from an Emergency Registered Nursing background of 6 years Spiro had to deal with many health and mental health issues within the hospital and community setting. After teaching for so many years Spiro had found that Muay Thai assisted in a rehabilitation process for many people looking for an outlet in life, including himself. Whether it be learning difficulties for a child, mental health issues, overall health & well being or addictions. Solace Muay Thai offers that outlet whilst still being nurtured in a family atmosphere with our experienced trainers, teachers, coaches, father figures guiding you through. Being a great team or coach entails all of these attributes as each individual is different with different needs, which Solace strives to achieve.


Solace – meaning a place of comfort; peace; is a place where we can learn the art without any judgement or bravado whilst keeping it in its purest form the best we can. Available to all ages and genders. Come and try this amazing ride and lets build our community and family vibe, create long lasting friendships in the place of Solace Muay Thai-Ballina.


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