Terms & Conditions

Payment Terms & Conditions

Rates are according to SOLACE MUAY THAI current prices at the time of signing this agreement. Prices are exclusive to additional admin charges by the direct debit billing company, but are GST inclusive. Each session is pre-paid and the full amount is due prior to the commencement of every session unless the client has purchased a promotional package in advance. Payments of cash, EFTPOS and SOLACE MUAY THAI gift vouchers are accepted. Refunds will not be given for unused sessions or cancellations by the client of less than 24 hours’ notice. In case of injury or medical conditions evidenced by a medical certificate, paid sessions can be exchanged for a credit note which can be used by the client when cleared for exercise or given to another individual.


H1. The client recognises exercise may be difficult and/or strenuous and there could be dangers inherent in exercise for some individuals. The client acknowledges the possibility of adverse physical changes during exercise does exist. These changes may include abnormal blood pressure, fainting, disorders in heartbeat, heart attack and in rare instances, death.

H2. The client understands that as a result from participation in an exercise program, he or she may suffer short term aggravation such as tiredness, light-headedness, mood changes and other effects and/or long term physical disorder that could result in partial or total disability, which may prevent gainful employment or a normal social life.

H3. The client represents that they have (a) been given their physician or general practitioners permission to participate in fitness activity, or (b) decided to voluntarily participate in the program and have accepted all risks related to the program without the approval of a physician.

H4. In an event, the client acknowledges and agrees he/she assumes the risks associated with the activities and or exercises in which he/she participates.

H5. The client has been informed and acknowledges that SOLCE MUAY THAI will not be responsible for suggesting nor providing any medical treatment. Clients should rely only upon advice given licensed professional or their own physician.

H6. The client represents they are not aware of any medical or physical condition that would prevent them from participating in the fitness program or from using equipment or facilities that would incur serious health risks.

H7. The client has informed and agrees to keep SOLACE MUAY THAI informed of any physical, medical condition or disability that would prevent or jeopardise participation in this program or pose a health risk.

H8. The client acknowledges and agrees no warranties or representations have been made in relation to the results achieved from the program. The client understands results are individual and may vary.


The client acknowledges that all cancellations and any rescheduling must be arranged a minimum of 24 hours prior to the scheduled session time agreed by both SOLACE MUAY THAI and the client to avoid being charged for the session.

C2. The client understands that any cancellations or rescheduling with SOLACE MUAY THAI that is not made in accordance with the terms set above, the client will forfeit that session and the full price will be charged.

C3. The client acknowledges that they are entitled to one free short-notice cancellation during their time with SOLACE MUAY THAI.

L1. The client acknowledges if they are late for a session, it will nevertheless end at the original scheduled time. The client acknowledges and accepts if they are more than 10 minutes late for a scheduled session; it will be considered a ‘No Show’ and they will be charged the full price of the session.


W1. The client has read the policies and assumption of risk agreement and fully understands its terms.


W2. The client acknowledges that by signing the agreement freely and voluntarily, he or she intends their signature to signify a complete assumption of the inherent risks in anyway associated with the personal training program offered by SOLACE MUAY THAI.


W3.  The client hereby waives, releases and discharges SOLACE MUAY THAI and its employees from all claims, demands, damages, and causes of action arising from participation in the program and/or the use of equipment and facilities resulting from ordinary negligence.


W4. The client acknowledges that in event of civil litigation, liability will only extend to the maximum of 1,000,000.


W5. The client affirms they are of the legal age 18 years otherwise the parent or legal guardian of the client must sign this agreement in representation of the minor.

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