Thailand Trip Life Changing for members of Solace

Solace Muay Thai’s 2019 August, Thailand trip for members was one not to be forgotten. 14 members got to experience a 2 wk fight camp in the heart of Phuket, Thailand at world renowned Muay Thai gym, Revolution.

This was a first for all members, with varying agendas for the vacationers. Head coach and owner of Solace, Spiros Darzanos planned the trip along side lifetime member & marketing manager Torie Matthews. “We wanted to expose members and take them deeper into the Muay Thai culture of Thailand, in its rawest form”, Darzanos stated.

“We built long lasting memories & friendships amongst the group and the Thai trainers and community on our stay” Matthews said.

The trip was finished on a high with Coach Spiro fighting in a first, in Thailand in Patong stadium with all members watching on.

May-June 2020 dates of the next Thailand trip will be advised soon.

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