Spiros return fight in 6 years, shows Solace gym members how its done!

After opening Solace Muay Thai in Ballina in April, 2018, Head coach Spiro decided to come out of retirement & dust the cobwebs off after 6 years & at the age of 39, to show the gyms members the process, training & lead up to a competition.

“Most people had never even heard of Thai boxing prior to the gym opening let alone having been to a well organized fight night. So for all of the members, this was something exciting & new for them to witness, especially having there coach compete on the night”.

“After opening Solace Muay Thai this year, I knew I had to show all our members what is involved in the lead up, the training and mindset behind a training camp. To expose them all to this, was the best thing that could have happened for them all to witness & understand the science, heart, dedication & application on the night behind it all”

Muay Thai has given me many opportunities, tools to deal with in life and met amazing people along the way. The muay Thai ‘baton’, so to speak, has been been handed over to the members of Solace now to pursue Muay Thai in any way they see fit for their own benefit”

“Fair to say everyone had a fantastic night while also witnessing the good times of winning under Solace Muay Thai”

Here is the full video. Thankyou SMT💌

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